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Pro-Am Journalism: Friend or Foe?

The movement of pro-am journalism has shown us that everybody has a little bit of a journalist in them.  While this means that the public is more interested than ever in sharing their thoughts and observations, it runs the risk of lowering the overall standard of journalism.  This could be especially unfavorable for those who are professionals or studying to become professionals.  Those who indulge in the use of the new, more accessible forms of journalism, such as blogs, websites, and photo and video uploading, are not always schooled in art of technical grammar and syntax, and this may lead others to believe that  the standards of journalism are fading.  Furthermore, the lack of objectivity and surge in opinion-based writing threatens the integral nature of the profession.

However, the public’s fascination with Pro-Am Journalism means that the resources will continue to expand for journalists, and the popularity of new innovative ideas offer extensive new possibilities.  Like it or not, Pro-Am Journalism is here to stay, and it’s our job to factor in the positive and negative consequences as we move forward.

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