The Democratic claque will be applauding this deranged commie lunatic tonight.


I don’t recommend watching the video below. Its deranged Marxist thinking that illustrates so well what we’re up against. Check too how the gormless listeners applaud so enthusiastically. The message, as illogical and wrong on fact as it is, resonates so well with them. Like Elizabeth Warren, their crippled minds prevent them from seeing its obvious logical flaws.

What is worth listening to is Rush Limbaugh’s demolition of this noxious commie parasite, who’s raking in a $400,000 salary from Harvard University while she runs for office. (see link at bottom of post)

Businesses pay all kinds of taxes and fees. They pay road taxes for roads those trucks roll over hauling goods to market. They pay fuel excise taxes for the same roads. They pay property taxes to support the policemen, firemen, and to educate the children. They pay corporate income taxes to keep the “marauding bands” at bay.


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