PLAYBOY: Why are you so angry?

SAVAGE: Do I look angry?

PLAYBOY: A little. You definitely sound angry.

SAVAGE: Well, I get worked up. First of all, I get angry because I can’t believe I live in a country that’s so fucking stupid it lets every group in the world come here. “Please let us in because our country is a shit hole.” Fine! “Let us come in on asylum because our country will kill us.” No problem! Then the minute they fucking get here they turn around and sue the fucking country, make demands on the country, won’t learn the language, won’t salute the flag, and all they do is disparage the country.

PLAYBOY: You’ve neatly boiled it down to a problem of borders, language and culture, correct?

SAVAGE: It’s my definition of how our nation is defined and why it’s unraveling. It’s also a framework. Here are our…

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