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Know your roots



While reading the online newspapers this morning, I stumbled on this census map from Huffingtonpost.com.  I am always intrigued by history, ancestry, and anything that digs deeper into the information that is hidden from a high school text book.  This map provided information at a glance to highlight the deep roots of ethnic growth throughout our country. There is one issue I have to bring up and that is the use of the term “American” on this map.  The ancestry of “Americans” is not likely what it is labeled, but an area populated by English and Dutch settlers that reach back further than the census can uncover. Never-the-less the information is quite interesting.

Growing up in California, I knew Mexicans were a large part of our state. They are everywhere in multi-colored skin and in multi-lingual tongues. They are such a strong population in our schools, they changed the standards…

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