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How December 25 Became Christmas

De Civitate Dei

ImageChristmas is coming, along with many atheistic notions that the reason we celebrate Christmas on December 25th is so that it coincides with a Roman Pagan holiday.  This, however, is not true.

Around 200 C.E. Tertullian of Carthage reported the calculation that the 14th of Nisan (the day of the crucifixion according to the Gospel of John) in the year Jesus died was equivalent to March 25 in the Roman (solar) calendar.  March 25 is, of course, nine months before December 25; it was later recognized as the Feast of the Annunciation—the commemoration of Jesus’ conception.  Thus, Jesus was believed to have been conceived and crucified on the same day of the year.  Exactly nine months later, Jesus was born, on December 25.

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