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Top Ten Major Characters of The Wire


Top 10 Major Characters in The Wire

As you may have gathered, The Wire is my favourite show of all time. There’s no other contender for that title, nothing else comes close. Every single character in The Wire is well written, believable and has great depth, so to make a Top 10 list is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, here are my favourite major characters from The Wire.

There are spoilers in here, so be warned. And please, if you agree, or disagree, I’d love to read your comments.

10: Cheese


Cheese arguably doesn’t meet the criteria of being a major character, but he’s such a delightfully evil and ultimately crucial character that I couldn’t leave him off this list. Played with convincingly malicious glee by rapper Method Man, Cheese is an amoral scumbag who, not surprisingly, thrives in the world of The Wire… up to a point. Basically he’s just…

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