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Review: “Nightcrawler”

20/20 Film

K72A3451d.tifLou Bloom is a classic movie psychopath. Irrepressibly manic and willing to do anything to get what he desires, Jake Gyllenhaal breathes authentic life into this unbelievable character in Nightcrawler, from first time director Dan Gilroy. And what does Lou desires most? To move up the ranks of video production for local television, an admittedly modest goal that you wouldn’t think would require much sociopathic behavior to achieve.  But here Gyllenhaal demonstrates that there’s a way to be crazy in any given situation.

Lou is confident, shrewd, and selfish — a deadly combination.  Oh, and he’s also incredibly creepy. His insanity is immediately reminiscent of Christian Bale’s immortal performance as Patrick Bateman and at his best Gyllenhaal evokes shades of Heath Ledger’s Joker. There’s one major difference: American Psycho and The Dark Knight, which contained those legendary lunatics, were great exceptionally good movies. In contrast, no matter how good of a performance Gyllenhaal…

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