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Economics Activities That Have Really Worked

My Multiplayer Classroom

In teaching Economics and Geography, some of my more-memorable activities have been created by others, particularly, the one which best helps teach trade and interdependence. In Geography, I used a section from  “The Wide World Of Trade”  in which countries must provide for the needs and wants of its people.  They do this in a simulation with 7 groups and varied amounts of human, capital, and natural resources.  The assignment is one of the best all year, and I’d be happy to share what I legally can.

In economics, I used various activities found online from the National Council on Economic Education.  One such activity was on teaching the circular flow of the economy, which showed students the significance of money in an economy and how it facilitated trade.

Another, on the role of banking institutions and the role of the Fed, was good at showing the inefficiencies of not…

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