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Top 101 Films — 5

Favorite 20th Century Films

These are the last 21 movies from a list of 101 that ranks the best ever in film production from the 20th Century. The entire list is taken from Gail Kinn and Tom Piazza’s book of 2003, “Four-Star Movies The 101 Greatest Films of All Time”.

Which movies on this final entry appeal to you? Why? How many of these 21 films have you not seen?

Here they are:

No. 81 = The Producers
No. 82 = Rashomon
No. 83 = Cabaret
No. 84 = The Bank Dick
No. 85 = A Place in the Sun
No. 86 = Red River
No. 87 = The Conversation
No. 88 = Grand Illusion
No. 89 = L.A. Confidential
No. 90 = Saturday Night Fever

001 This is John Wayne in his early solemn Westerner days!

And the last 11 movies on the list of 101 are:

No.  91 = Imitation of Life
No.  92 = Raiders of the Lost Ark
No. …

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