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Silly American conversations

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Let’s see, how many silly conversations are the American people having around the watercoolers at work and the dinner tables and televisions at home?

The weather’s always a big one. Did you hear, there’s a blizzard on the way in the Northeast? But I live in Alabama. What concern is it of mine to worry over New York and Boston’s weather? I understand this might be a big storm. Perhaps, maybe, of “historic” proportions. That’s nice. New York and Boston might get to make a little history without really doing anything, or without anybody doing anything to them, unlike 9-11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, where it took a human agent to make the times historic, if also overblown in historical importance.

But the world won’t end if the investment bankers and hedge fund managers miss a couple of days of work. No, really, Mr. Investment Banker/Hedge Fund Manager. It…

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