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Some movies are about heroes others are about anti-heroes and then there are movies like Nightcrawler that are about a sociopathic monster that is willing to do anything for his goal. This psychopath, played terrifyingly well by Jake Gyllenhaal, is Lou Bloom a thief with sociopathic tendencies and lofty career goals. Lou ends up becoming a nightcrawler, someone that drives around at night looking for crime aftermaths to film then sell to local new stations, and that’s when things get interesting. While this film is a character piece it isn’t about the transformation or the journey of the character in fact he is despicable from beginning to end yet throughout the film you feel compelled to keep watching because of him.

From the opening scene you realize that Lou Bloom is not a good person he beats up a guard then steals some stuff to sell, from there things only…

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