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Holocaust trauma: is it epigenetically inherited?

Why Evolution Is True

TRIGGER WARNING: Long and detailed discussion of a genetics paper.

There are now several examples of modifications of an individual’s appearance and behavior by the environment, and of those modifications affecting the individual’s genes, usually by attaching methyl bases to specific nucleotides in the DNA sequence. This is a form of environmentally induced epigenetic modification. Usually, though, modification of DNA bases can also be coded by other parts of the DNA: bits of genes that “say” to the organism: “put a methyl base in position X of gene Y.” Most of the epigenetic changes we know of, and every example of such changes that are involved in adaptations, are caused not by the environment but by instructions from other genes. Maternal vs. paternal DNAs, for instance, are epigenetically and differentially modified by other genes, and fight it out in the fetus, since fathers have different reproductive interests from mothers.

So while environmental epigenetic modification of…

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